Balancing Social Media

Hi everyone! Long time no speak, I’m sorry for taking a bit of a break. If you’re a regular you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little MIA. Between being a summer camp counselor and moving to college I’ve been go go go for a while and now that I’m settled in at Syracuse, I’ve finally found the time to write. I want to take the opportunity to discuss keeping a healthy relationship with social media. Since being in college I’ve found it difficult to manage my time between classes, going out, homework, rest, working out, checking social media and more and I wanted to write about how I’ve been juggling it all. Read on for more…:)


Like most things in life, social media is hard to balance. For me it can be particularly hard because my major is journalism, meaning I’m always on some sort of media site or on my computer staring at a screen on top of blogging after a long day on my laptop. I am also a big consumer of social media from reading the news, checking twitter and scrolling through Instagram.

 Between creating, writing, and brainstorming it sometimes feels like social media is suffocating me. It’s important to me that I’m using social media in only a positive way so that it brings value and joy into my life rather than adding any stress or negative vibes. This is why it’s critical to find a balance and live in the moment so that you don’t get too caught up in the social media bubble. For me, something I like to do is take mini breaks and only follow my friends online. (Besides any news sites you may follow of course!

For example, when social media has me feeling overwhelmed, it’s best to take a step back. This can mean a lot of different things to different people but sometimes I will choose to not take snapchat or Instagram stories during a meal and have everyone stack their phones in the middle of the table so we can enjoy real “facetime”. Another major and but simple thing that helps me de-stress from social media is getting outside or going to a gym. This helps me to refresh my mind and body. Reconnecting with yourself through physical activity is a great way to sweat out any anxiety or negativity that’s built up and that social media only makes worse. In college I started going to group classes like zumba and yoga and they still make me feel connected and social but prohibit me from checking my phone or falling back into the trap of logging on. It’s still great to go to the gym by myself or a run to get some alone time but I still find myself stopping and checking my phone when I take water breaks, so group classes are a great way to check myself. I hope these little suggestions allow you to take some space and evaluate how much social media is effecting your life whether it be a good or bad influence. I take these breaks every few days and I encourage you all to do the same as you see fit.


Another big lesson is DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! I found that I was really avoiding my blogging because I was so busy with the changes in my life and I got down on myself and was frustrated with my laziness. But then I realized it’s so ok. It’s ok to take breaks, to do what you can fit into the day and to be proud of yourself for doing so much. I moved away from home, started a new school with all brand new people and joined many clubs in the span of just a few weeks! It’s hard to balance everything but I’ve been getting better at it and taking these breaks that I’ve explained has really helped me in all aspects of my life, not just the social media side. 

I’m so happy to be back on simplynell! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another blog post soon.

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