How I got the confidence to create a blog



Spoiler: It took guts! Okay, backtrack. When I created my personal Instagram, I really enjoyed posting pics of myself in cool outfits at events with my friends. Soon after posting my pics, I noticed that a lot of people reached out to ask me where I got my clothing and told me how much they loved my outfits. Around the same time, I started writing for my school’s newspaper.  The more I wrote for the paper, the more I realized that I wanted a platform where I could write creatively about my own passions. Fashion blogging was the perfect answer,

But, I didn’t just want to be a fashion blogger talking about my favorite looks and designers. I realised that there was another angle I wanted to cover too.  In addition to fashion, I am passionate about feminism. For me, there is a connection between the two and I decided that highlighting that connection would have to be part of my writing.  Even then, though, I didn’t start my blog right away.

I thought my blog over a year before I finally committed to starting it.  I was really nervous about how people would react. Would anyone read it? Snapchat and Instagram are such popular modes of talking about fashion and those posts are much shorter and require a lot less time to read.  But, I wanted to post more than just myself wearing cool outfits. Why? Because I really enjoy writing. I also want to talk about my fashion inspirations and explain the process behind building my fashion identity.

So, in the summer of 2018, I buckled down and got to work. I didn’t even tell most of my friends until I launched Simplynell because I was afraid of not following through or not living up to my own expectations. To my relief, there was never anything to worry about. More and more people are visiting my page every day and reading my views of fashion beauty and feminism.  I’m getting positive feedback from the girls at school and that inspires me to keep moving forward and inspire and empower as many girls as I can reach.

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