The Kylie Cosmetics Jordan Collab is to die for

Okay I’m not even going to be embarrassed about it, I am a Kylie Jenner fan and an even bigger #KylieCosmetics fan. I have to admit, I only tried out Kylie’s makeup back in 2016 because of the hype surrounding her, but I instantly fell in love with the line and I honestly wear it everyday. Most recently, the Kylie x Jordan collab was released and of course, me being me, I needed to try it out right away. (If you’re not a super fan like me, Jordan is Kylie’s best friend and it’s their first makeup collab together). When I saw the eyeshadow palette on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram I was super excited about the range of oranges and purples which I love with my skin color. I have a dark olive skin tone so I have a hard time finding pigmented eyeshadows that last all day and come in flattering hues. So, the day the collab launched online I ordered the eyeshadow and the “Partner in Crime” gloss. I was soooo excited about the lip color. Online, it looked like a nude gloss with an orange undertone. Boyyyyyyy I was bouncing off the walls when the package arrived the next week. Even though I had homework and it was around 9 pm I rushed up to my bathroom to play. Everything exceeded my expectations. The eyeshadows are even better pigmented than the Bronze Collection palette I usually use. There are just enough sparkle and matte options and I loved how the colors complement each other. The gloss is just as good! Her formula is thick and the color is amazing. It is a bit of an orange-nude, as I assumed from the website, and the packaging is cute too. Guys, I wish I was paid to just rave about Kylie cosmetics.  I can’t wait for the holiday season when Kylie Cosmetics will be sold at ULTA stores!

#kyliecosmetics #Kylie Jordan Collab #best eyeshadow #makeup


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