How to dress for a college tour / interview (on a budget)


You guys, IT IS IMPORTANT TO LOOK GOOD WHEN YOU TOUR A POTENTIAL SCHOOL! Some of you might think this is obvious, but I kid you not, I’ve been on college tours and interviews and other would-be students are literally wearing ripped jeans and t-shirts.  On one visit I even saw a girl wearing a sweatshirt from a rival college! Girlfriend – what were you thinking?! So, for those of you who don’t think it’s obvious that you should dress to impress when checking out colleges, here’s why you might want to rethink that idea.  First, I like to look good in general – it’s all about the “glow up” ladies. But, let’s not forget, fashion is one of the ways that we communicate with other people. Our style can reveal a passing mood or a piece of our personality. So, why not put your best foot forward?  Show that admissions officer, tour guide or professor who is kind enough to answer your questions, that you take yourself and the college search process seriously. By showing that you are serious about being on campus you could also catch the eye of that sorority sister who might be open to talking later about Greek life, or that D1 player who might give you some insight into the team that you hope will recruit you.  Of course, if you wear an outfit that looks like you just rolled out of bed or a sweatshirt that suggests you showed up for the wrong college tour … that’s on you.

So, assuming you take my advice, it’s time to talk about building that perfect outfit. I usually stick with a simple outfit with bright colors so that I stand out, but don’t look like a try hard. Before I tour, though, I look at the weather and make sure to pack some options in case the temp or weather takes a turn. I also think about the location of the college. When I have toured in cities I have tried to channel my inner-city girl vibes. When I have toured schools in a more suburban area I have paired clean-cut, mod jeans and sun-dresses with flowy pastel tops. But hey, that’s me. I love to alter my style to meet the vibe of the area around me. The last college tour I went on, I wore a business casual outfit: plaid flare pants with a red stripe on the side and a white top.  City girl all the way. And, my entire outfit, except for my shoes, was purchased at #Forever21! I’m telling you guys, if you take the time to look and try on, Forever 21 really has amazing catches. My shoes, the only non Forever 21 item, are classic white Supergas and boy are they sturdy and not even that expensive. I got mine from Zappos for only $65. So if you want to splurge and buy some shoes that will last a long time, I definitely recommend Superga sneakers.


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