Where I shop

As a highschool student, its paramount to save money and only splurge on the best items that you really fall in love with. So, when I want to try a new trend or pick up a new concert outfit my first go-to place is Forever 21.

Although this store (which is definitely not just for 21 year olds) sometimes gets a bad rap for selling poorly made or cheap clothing, sometimes inexpensive is just what you should be looking for.  Its okay to spend less on a fleeting trend that you want to enjoy but don’t plan on making one of your wardrobe staples.

Some of my other favorite stores are FashionNova, (where I got my hoco outfit) Lulu’s, Urban Outfitters and Free People. Yes, Urban and Free people happen to be uber expensive, but if you shop smartly by going to sales there are amazing finds out there. And don’t forget, shopping at a range of stores from those that sell inexpensive items to those that stock more expensive classics, is the best way to build your wardrobe on a budget.  Rotating the nicer clothing and accessorizing with less expensive pieces works wonders. Variety is key ladies! Thanks for reading!

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