How to stay confident in the age of the Instagram model

In the age of social media and the ever present news feed of beautiful models, it can be hard to love yourself and your body. Scrolling through Instagram and analyzing every part of someone’s outfit, makeup, body and life can be so detrimental to our mental health and sense of self.

For me, I made a rule to not take those posts too seriously. So many posts are posed and retouched.  It’s easy to forget that these models are human too. The are going through struggles just like everyone else is. It’s great to look at these amazing Instagram models for inspiration, but don’t get too caught up in trying to emulate their lives. To help myself follow that bit of advice, I remind myself “perfect” universal beauty does not exist. And that is my advice for everyone else too.  

Don’t get tied in knots over looks that aren’t good for your personality, your body shape or your purse; its a waste of time. Hello people its 2018! Beauty comes in every size and shape as well as every color of the rainbow. Beauty is thick, fat, skinny, slim, pear shaped and much more. There is no one definition of perfect and, quite frankly, we wouldn’t want there to be one. Talk about boring! Thanks for reading!

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